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Always consult a physician before using essential oils especially if pregnant or taking prescription medications.


Apply a few sprays of Sydney’s Eucalyptus Oil where you hurt. Rub Eucalyptus Oil around the affected area. It’s not necessary to rub the oil in because it will penetrate the skin all by itself. The area will feel more relaxed and comfortable within 5 minutes. That means Sydney’s is beginning to work for you.

How to use Sydney’s
How often can I use Sydney’s?
How long does Sydney’s relief last?

Use it two or more times a day for the first 4 to 5 days, after that use it at least once a day until full circulation is restored, then use it as you need. One 4oz. bottle will last about 6 months.

Sydney’s begins to work in 5 to 10 minutes and last between 1 to 18 hours.

How does Sydney’s work?

1. Sydney’s Eucalyptus Oil is a natural Vasodilator (opens blood vessels). Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, particularly in the large arteries, smaller arterioles and large veins.

A.) Eucalyptus Oil increases circulation and flushes out excess lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid causes inflammation, stiffness and pain.

B.) Eucalyptus Oil brings more oxygen & nutrition to tight muscles, tissues, tendons, joints & ligaments.


2. Sydney’s Eucalyptus Oil penetrates through all seven layers of skin relaxing the nerves around blood vessels.


3. Sydney’s Eucalyptus Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.


4. Sydney’s Eucalyptus Oil is natures strongest germicide.

Sydney’s Australian Oil of Eucalyptus is all natural and contains 88% cineole which is the active ingredient in eucalyptus oil. The remaining ingredients are natural oils that when combined with eucalyptus oil enhance the properties of the eucalyptus oil.


Sydney’s Australian Oil of Eucalyptus absorbs quickly into the skin to deliver pain relief from arthritis, sore muscles (running, biking, gardening, tennis, etc) sprained ankles and wrists, heel spurs and many, many more sources of pain.


We at Sydney’s believe that everyone should be pain free and that pain relief should be as natural as possible. That is why we recommend Sydney’s Australian Oil of Eucalyptus.

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