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Always consult a physician before using essential oils especially if pregnant or taking prescription medications.


If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about our product or your purchase please contact us by a method provided below.

Phone: 877-419-9020

Email:  info@sydneyseucalyptus.com

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About Sydney’s

Sydney’s Eucalyptus is comprised of a family continuing a nearly two decade long tradition of selecting, blending and distributing the finest most effective supply of all-natural eucalyptus oil available in the world for use as a homeopathic alternative for pain relief.  Our passion for this incredible plant and its many benefits began with personal use and tremendous success in soothing pain in our own family and grew into a contagious effort to share this amazing product with everyone we meet!  Our mother, Joan, heads the company and husband, Bob, and daughter, Kelly, work to round out the team and contribute to the development, web design and sales and marketing for this chemical free pain reliever.


We are moved by a desire to act proactively to care for our bodies using nature as our guide to promote a safe and organic healing process.  We find new inspiration in each individual we touch through the relief they discover in just the first application.  Our reward in introducing those in need to a safe, healthy and effective alternative for pain relief that can be used by the entire family including pets!  Yes, Sydney’s Eucalyptus is effective in repelling those pesky insects on your four legged friends as well!  Now you can safely treat your animals and bedding with the same safe, chemical free treatment you trust.


We as a family all share a passion for people and the opportunity to make eucalyptus available to all in this easy to use product.  The process of creating this product beginning with the selection of oils to the final packaging provides a solution for those that have begun to express concern over the health and safety of the products on the market today.  We offer a FREE SAMPLE to each patron to test out the results for themselves and continue to grow in demand due to our customers’ testimonies that it works to provide relief!


The process begins with testing of the eucalyptus oil harvested and a double distillation process to ensure that minimum requirements are met.  Once quality is confirmed the Eucalyptus is blended with the essential carrier oils Grape Seed, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba to support and provide properties necessary for effectiveness.  The family then bottles and labels the oil for distribution.  We take great pride in maintaining the integrity of our product and back each bottle with a guarantee!


                                             From our Family to Yours